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Open Harvest


Fostering in the Orchard


Bonita Creek Nursery

Bonita Creek Nursery

All of our fruit trees and vines came from the great folks at Bonita Creek Nursery. You will not find nicer or more knowledgeable people in Southern California for fruit.  We are so lucky to be working with a team that shares our values and vision for our orchard. You can learn more about them at




We are slowly getting into worm composting. We have a mid-size flow through bin called a Worm Wigwam made by Sustainable Agricultural Technologies, Inc. that we’re very happy with.  Since we started the garden project we have been doing small scale composting with our outdoor tumblers.  Worms are the next logical step in reducing what our company sends to the landfill and generating fertilizer/amendments for community gardeners. You can learn more about the Worm Wigwam here.  Eventually we will get a second bin for our larger lunch room.