About Sparky's Garden

Sparky's Garden is company sponsored community garden available to employees of SeeScan, Inc. and DeepSea Power & Light. For more information, please view the Sparky's Garden on SD Insider video located here.

Company Background

SeeScan is a privately owned engineering, software, and manufacturing company that makes pipe inspection and utility location equipment. We are located in Kearny Mesa overlooking the 15 freeway and have about 190 employees.  We share the community garden and orchard with our sister company, DeepSea Power & Light, an engineering/manufacturing company specializing in underwater lights and cameras. DeepSea has approximately 40 employees and is located a down the street from SeekTech. Sparky is the mascot that appears in both the SeekTech and DeepSea corporate logos.

The Garden and Orchard

In fall 2010 we broke ground on a community garden and orchard. The garden has done incredible things for our work community. People from all different departments are meeting and spending time together. People are able to grow their own fresh vegetables to have during snacks and lunch. It has become an integral part of our company’s culture and will become increasingly so.

In the garden people grow all sorts of vegetables, fruits, and flowers year-round. Approximately 50 employees have raised beds made of composite lumber in various sizes. For some this is their first time gardening and for others their plot at work compliments their garden at home. People garden with co-workers during breaks and with family after work or on weekends. We have a shed inside the garden which has tools that anyone can use and a two compartment compost tumbler next to it. We have hoses around the perimeter and each bed is piped into the drip irrigation system. All of the gardeners have agreed to garden organically, the orchard is also maintained organically.

Our orchard currently has over 150 trees and vines. About half of the orchard is deciduous (meaning the trees lose their leaves and are dormant in the winter) and the other half is tropical or sub-tropicals. Each tree or vine has an engraved sign in front of it so people know what it is and when it was planted.  The orchard  is scattered along a walking path with benches, drinking fountains, a bridge, redwood trellises and a shade structures.  Many employees walk the path during breaks and snack on strawberry or pineapple guavas.


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